Tuff Trac® Military Electrical Grade (MEG) Switchboard Matting
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Tuff Trac® MEG Switchboard Matting

RM Biltrite® Tuff Trac® Military Electrical Grade (MEG) Vinyl Switchboard Matting is manufactured with a combination of flame retardants and smoke suppressants to meet stringent flame and smoke density standards required for MIL-DTL-15562G specification. All military grade rolls are marked on the back with the specification, month, and year of manufacture to guarantee compliance with MIL-DTL-15562G requirements. RM Biltrite™ MEG Matting is approved for use by all subordinates of the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Navy.

Type I: Smooth sheet; comes in a marbleized beige, blue, green, or grey color. Typically used as floor covering for glue down installations in high voltage areas. Can be installed with heat or chemically sealed seams to create a watertight protective surface.

Type II: Smooth runner; comes in blue, green, or black color. Designed for single strip use as portable floor mats around electrical devices or electrical areas. Provides the same insulation and fire/smoke resistance as Type I.

Type III: Mat/Runner with raised diamond plate finish; comes in green or grey color. Designed to be used as a removable runner around electrical equipment or areas where electrical hazards may exist. Provides extra slip protection and the same insulation and fire/smoke resistance as Type I.