Silicone Rubber
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RM Biltrite® Flexgard® Silicone Rubber has a wide temperature range, enabling it to retain its initial shape and mechanical strength and operate normally overall in extreme temperatures. Several of silicone rubber's technical specifications are far superior to organic rubbers at such temperatures. Unlike organic rubbers, silicone can well withstand ozone, UV, heat and other aging factors. It is also highly inert and does not react with most chemicals, making it suitable for medical applications such as implants, tubing, and catheters.

Silicone is biocompatible and both hypoallergenic and non-allergenic, making it a safe choice for baby care products and food contact purposes. It exhibits strong chemical stability, preventing it from affecting any substrates that come in contact such as skin, water, blood, and active ingredients.

Silicone Rubber

Industries & Applications   

  • Outdoor Uses
  • Construction Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Extreme Environment Uses
  • Automotive Industry