Tuff Trac® Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Matting
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Tuff Trac® ESD Matting

RM Biltrite® Tuff Trac® ESD Matting provides anti-static and anti-fatigue protection for personnel, equipment, and products at risk of static charge damage.

Tuff Trac® ESD Single Layer: Made with a proprietary blend of polymers and migratory anti-static components. The anti-static components are homogeneously dispersed and continually migrate to the surface. Our blend has high hydrophilic properties, ensuring a micro-thin layer of water on the surface to assist the flow of static charge. The blend polymers control dissipation by slowing its speed. Tuff Trac® ESD Single Layer delivers a resistance of 108-109.

Tuff Trac® ESD Dual Layer: Made with the same proprietary blend of polymers and migratory anti-static components and then permanently bonded to a 5 mm conductive polymer layer on the backside. The conductive polymer bonding produces an electrical rating of 106-108, making its surface less hydrophilic and less dependent on room humidity.