Cloth Inserted SBR (CI-SBR) Rubber
Industrial Rubber Sheets

Cloth Inserted (CI) Rubber     Download Datasheet

RM Biltrite® Flexgard® Cloth Inserted (CI) Rubber is reinforced with one or more plies of Nylon 6 fabric. Nylon 6 fabric insertion increases stability during applications using mechanical fastening, and reduces creep during high compression load handling.

Cloth-Inserted rubber is available with either SBR or neoprene rubber, with both regular ply (one ply of fabric for each 1/16” thickness) and reduced ply (one ply of fabric for each 1/8” thickness) options.

Cloth Inserted Rubber


Industries & Applications   

  • Gaskets
  • Mechanical Fastening
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Areas with Gas Exposure
  • Areas with Water


  • Uses Requiring Petroleum Resistance
  • Uses Requiring Heavy Oil Resistance
  • Uses Requiring Detergents Resistance