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Tuff Trac® Commercial Kitchen Flooring

RM Biltrite® Tuff Trac® Commercial Kitchen Flooring provides additional safety in commercial kitchens and other environments where floor protection, slip resistance, and ease of cleaning are crucial. It does not absorb water and is resistant to many chemicals found in industrial areas. Our kitchen flooring is also resistant to bacteria and mold, and is flame and smoke retardant.

Tuff Trac® Commercial Kitchen Flooring installs quickly and easily fits around existing equipment. To apply flooring, simply clean the surface area, allow it to dry completely, and then heat weld the PVC seams for complete floor protection. Available in grey with stipple surface.


  • University Commercial Kitchens
  • University Kitchen Coolers
  • University Kitchen Freezers
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Full Service Restaurants
  • Retirement Facilities