The Technology
Industrial Rubber Sheets

Fabric Construction   

The product design and construction of Zena-Cell® is based on thorough analysis of the stringent and diverse environments in which they have to perform. Their constitution takes into account the various factors that affect the performance over long periods of operation. The Air Cell we manufacture incorporates the latest coating technology.

Some of the most important features that make Zenith's Air Cell exclusive are:

The Polyamide Substrate:

The textile reinforced supporting fabric is made from high tenacity Nylon yarns and designed specifically for flexible Separators. The fabric has high tear & tensile strength, high flexibility & fatigue resistance and superior dimensional stability.

The Polymer Technology:

Zenith's Air Cells are manufactured by using combination of various Elastomers. The inside of the fabric is coated with combination of Olive Green-Hypalon (CSM) & Black- Polychloroprene (CR) for imparting better ozone resistance. Whereas the outer side is coated with Black- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) for providing better oil resistance. The compounds are carefully formulated to accommodate critical technical parameters such as:

  • High bonding strength between rubber to fabric
  • Improved temperature and ozone resistance
  • Good swell and chemical resistance to transformer oil
  • Crack and weathering resistance
Rubber Sheets

The Coating Technology   

The Coating Technology:

Unlike other manufacturers we have our own fully integrated and most sophisticated manufacturing facility to produce rubber coated fabrics, which are roto-cured under automatically controlled time, pressure and temperature. This distinctively offers advantages such as:

  • Higher bond strength between the polymer and fabric substrate
  • Hot vulcanised seams to ensure no leakage at all times
  • Guaranteed mechanical strength to fixation lugs
  • Smooth glossy surface free of pin-holes and defects due to rotocuring
  • Superior thickness control under tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm giving greater dimensional stability.

In-house manufacturing of accessories:

Unlike other Air Cell manufacturers, all the accessories such as Flange, Sealing Tape, Rubber Strip,Diaphragm and Adhesives are made in-house under our quality control.

Rubber Sheets