About Us

Manufactured in the USA

RM Biltrite™ manufactures all Tuff Trac® thermoplastic products at our factory location in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to closely monitor tolerances and create products with uniform specifications in an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective method. Our experienced team of professionals are highly invested in quality control and work to ensure the integrity of the finished product.

In addition to unreinforced products, RM Biltrite™ can also laminate films, fabrics, or foils directly to our sheeting during the manufacturing process. We can also directly apply our proprietary hot-melt adhesives and release liners for easy installation on any subsurface.

RM Biltrite™ pioneered the use of recycled polymers in thermoplastics manufacturing. Polymer performance is not diminished by heating and reusing and remains the same after production. RM Biltrite™ is able to manufacture products with varying degrees of prime and recycled material in order to create economical and environmentally friendly finished items. A number of RM Biltrite™ products contribute to LEED qualifications in building applications.