Surge Bladder
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Surge Bladder   

Surge bladders are used to prevent pressure surges which can occur in hydraulic system when the flow in a pipeline is stopped too quickly. When a valve closes or a pump stops the water or oil or other fluid in a hydraulic system will attempt to continue flowing. This will cause an increase in pressure which can damage the pipe. Surge control devices absorb and limit this pressure increase and prevent damage to the pipe work.

Controlling hydraulic surges can increase the life of hydraulic systems by effectively managing these destructive forces. Bladder surge tank is an effective solution to control the surges.

The Compressible Bladders are made from specially formulated Rubber with Heavy Duty Double textured Nylon fabric reinforcements and are fitted with Standard Flanges. These types of Bladders are normally used for Surge Tanks which are filled with Water and the Bladder contains charged Nitrogen. The Bladder can be compressed up to zero levels during surge operations.

Each vessel is manufactured under the guidance of expertise in the respective field which assures maximum safety and high quality at minimal cost.

The surge bladders are specially designed for storage of Nitrogen and the technical properties make it strong and durable. These eliminate air from being dissolved into the pipe network which will cause cavitations and eventual failure.

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Technical Specifications   

Surge Bladder
Elastomers Nitrile (full area) and neoprene (upper part of bladder)
Textile And Substrates Nylon 6 / polyester
Product Volume Range 200 lt. – 5000 lt..
Ply Layer Single lamilate ply with neoprene on both side
Size Supplied to customers requirements dependent on gauge and weight.
Cure State Cured, uncured or semi-cured. Cured/uncured laminates possible
Surface Finish Smooth
Ancillary Services Nitrogen storage


Rubber Bladder   

Advantages of the Product:

  • Product Efficiency
  • Strong and Durable Bladders
  • Easy Handling
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Light Weight
  • UV & Ozone Resistan
  • Suitable for Potable Water
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