Gas Holder Balloon
Industrial Rubber Sheets


The Gas Holder Balloon is a collapsible, intermediated storage tank for any Industrial Gas, prior to bottling under pressure.

Gas Holder Balloon is fabricated out of high tenacity polyamide fabric matrix, impregnated with compatible polymer on the inside for the gas stored and on the outside with Neoprene for weather abrasion and UV resistance.


  • Fabric used : Nylon 6
  • Polymer used : Neoprene
  • Color : Black
  • Product Volume Range : 5 m3 - 500 m3

Gas holder Balloon can be used for the storage of:   

  1. Nitrogen (N2)
  2. Oxygen (O2)
  3. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Advantages of the Product   

  • Easy to install
  • light weight
  • Eliminates the use of conventional metal tank
  • It has long life as it does not corrode (like metal tank) because it is fabric made.
  • It saves floor space as it can be hanged just below the ceiling.

Dimensions     Download Datasheet