Dura-Tranz® Fire Guard
Industrial Rubber Sheets

Dura-Tranz® Fire Guard   

Dura-Tranz® Fire Guard Rubber Transit Flooring is engineered for military applications where adherence to fire safety standards is critical, such as battleships and submarines. Its quality and functionality make it an excellent flooring option for interior use in passenger liners, ferries, cruise ships, tankers, container ships, and marine ships.

Duro-Tranz® Fire Guard flooring can also be used in underground metro railcars where fire safety is a crucial priority. It is fire rated Class 0 by Warrington Fire Labs U.K. Available with fabric finish.

Dura-Tranz Fire Guard


  • Frigates
  • Survey Vessels
  • Submarines
  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Military Uses
  • Water Transportation

Technical Specifications   

  • Light Reflectance > 35%
  • Reaction to Fire: BS ISO 9239-1
  • Smoke Index to NES 711
  • Fire Propagation to BS 476 prt 6
  • Toxicity Index to NES 713
  • Specific Gravity to BS 903 prt A2
  • Oxygen Index to NES 714
  • Elongation to BS 903 prt A2 Plain
  • Lightfastness to E6264 E2
  • Tensile Strength to BS 903 prt A2
  • Hardness to BS 903 prt A1
  • Slip Resistance to SATRA PM 144
  • Ignitability to BS 476 prt 12
  • Abrasion Resistance to DIN 53 519
  • Graffiti Resistance to E6264
  • Surface Spread Flame to BS 476 prt 6
  • Chemical Resistance to E6264
  • Smoke Toxicity to BS:6853:1999 Annx B
  • Chemical Resistance to BS 905
  • Smoke Density to BS 6853:1999 Annx D
  • Temperature Index to NES 715
  • Temperature Index to BS 6853:1999 Appx A


Royal Blue Speckle

Sea Green Speckle

Mahogany Speckle

Dark Grey Speckle

Black Speckle

Light Green Speckle

Light Tan Speckle

Light Grey Speckle

Olive Green Speckle
Custom colors available upon request.