Industrial Rubber Sheets
Transit Flooring


Dura-Tranz® Rubber Transit Flooring enhances the look of any vehicle while providing more walking comfort, slip resistance, anti-fatigue, anti-bacteria, noise reduction, and fire safety than other hard surface floorings.

Dura-tranz® is scratch resistant, has high dimensional stability, and cleans easily with regularly available floor cleaning solutions. It is low-maintenance compared to wood and carpet and eliminates the need for waxing, polishing, scrubbing, sanding, and refinishing. Product can be laid loosely on top of previous flooring or bonded directly to the floor itself.

RM Biltrite™ supplies Dura-tranz® in rolls with smooth or ribbed finish, and smooth, sandpaper, or fabric backing. We offer a variety of solid and marble design colors to create your desired aesthetic and layout. Also available as one-piece flooring for automobiles.

Rubber Sheets