Industrial Rubber Sheets
Cloth Inserted (CI) Rubber

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RM Biltrite™ Cloth Inserted (CI) Rubber is reinforced with one or more plies of nylon-6 or polyester fabric. The fabric increases stability during applications which use mechanical fastening and reduces creep during high compression load handling. Available in SBR or Neoprene rubber, with both regular ply (one ply of fabric for each 1/16” thickness) and reduced ply (one ply of fabric for each 1/8” thickness).

Rubber Sheets



  • Conveyor Belts
  •  Uses Requiring Petroleum Resistance
  • Environments with Water Exposure
  • Gaskets
  • Uses Requiring Detergents Resistance
  • Environments with Gas Exposure
  • Mechanical Fastening
  • Uses Requiring Heavy Oil Resistance