Industrial Rubber Sheets
Switchboard Matting


RM Biltrite™ Switchboard Matting is designed to insulate and protect workers against electrical shock from high voltage devices and environments. Zenith’s switchboard matting conforms to ASTM D178 standards as amended for Type 1 Class 2. It is proof tested at 20,000 volts AC, with a recommended maximum voltage exposure of 17,000 volts and dielectric strength of 30,000 volts AC. Permanently branded ASTM testing results are permanently imprinted on back of matting. Please refer to product specifications for additional information.

Rubber Sheets


Electrical shops, control panels, switchboards, heavy machinery, electrical plants, fuse boxes, transformers, high voltage areas.

Available Sizes   

Standard Thicknesses 1/8 in - 1/4 in .019 m - .076 m
Standard Widths 36 in & 48 in .91 m & 1.2 m
Standard Lengths 33 ft 10m


Please Note   

Specifications are subject to change without notice.