Dura-Tranz® Fire Shield
Industrial Rubber Sheets

Dura-Tranz® Fire Shield   

Dura-Tranz® Fire Shield Rubber Transit Flooring is a fire retardant product suitable for use in the general contractor market. It is an excellent flooring solution for areas such as schools, hospitals, airports, and workshops.

Dura-Tranz® Fire Shield flooring exhibits a high coefficient of friction, helping to reduce slip and fall. It is fire rate Class 2. Available in plain, speckle, and marble finishes with a choice of smooth or slip-resistant surface.

Dura-Tranz Fire Shield


  • Trams
  • Above-Ground Train Stations
  • Trolleys
  • Single Track Above-Ground Train Cars
  • Guidance Vehicles
  • Multi Track Above-Ground Train Cars

Technical Specifications   

  • Hardness to DIN 53 505
  • Slip Resistance to BS 7976-2 2002
  • Elongation to DIN 53 504
  • Smoke Test to BS 6853: 1999 D8.6
  • Specific Gravity to DIN 53 508
  • Abrasion Resistance to DIN 53 516
  • Tensile Strength to DIN 53 504
  • Surface Spread Flame to BS 476 Pt. 7
  • Fire Behavior to BS 6853:1999
  • Abrasion Resistance to ASTM D4060
  • Compression Set to DIN 53 517
  • Smoke Toxicity Test to BS 6853:1999 B4.2
  • Slip Resistance to SATRA TM144



Royal Blue Speckle

Sea Green Speckle

Mahogany Speckle

Dark Grey Speckle

Black Speckle

Light Green Speckle

Light Tan Speckle

Light Grey Speckle

Olive Green Speckle
Custom colors available upon request.